I’m Guilherme Dantas, a Brazilian computer scientist and programmer. For the last few years, I’ve been working as a consultant or senior engineer for some of the largest companies and startups in Brazil, such as TV Globo (media/entertainment), Vale (mining), Peixe Urbano (daily deals / marketplace) and VivaReal (real estate portal).

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of professional Scala development with an emphasis on asynchronous programming using Akka Actors, Streams and HTTP. I also spend some time as a functional programming advocate, teaching Scala through example and tech talks, and speaking about the programming languages landscape in the JVM when I have the chance. Other interests include Clojure, machine learning and distributed systems in general.

From my years on software, I had the chance to experience different facets of the software industry. My preferences, though, lie in building distributed fault-tolerant applications and developing teams. If you’re working on something exciting and think I may be of any help, drop me a line by email (gamsd at this domain) or ping me in any major social network.